Dinner at the Haus

Many of you mentioned that you never had actually eaten at the Haus. To expand your horizon a group of us decided to eat at the haus and add some diversity in your life. We also included friends from 4th floor to join us! It was a blast and I hope you got to try something new!

Buffalo Wild Wings

Thank you to all who came with on the trip to Dubuque! We enjoyed Buffalo Wild Wings and had great conversation! It was nice to see some new faces getting involved! I am glad to see that you feel welcome and comfortable enough to come with and hang out with your wing mates!


Checkout the latest bulletin board. One major hashtag going around is #collegeproblem. On the board there are a few posts from twitter that use the hashtag. The rest are blank spots for you to write your very own #collegeproblem and post it! Have fun with this but keep it appropriate!

Dance night

We had a fun dance night in my room, bringing back the old songs and dances. We did the cupid shuffle, hoedown throw down, cotton eye joe, electric slide, whip and nae nae, cha cha slide and many more! Thanks to all who joined in this night of fun!