Cheesy Times Call for Concrete Mixers

On Friday night, I went with a group of 8 members of Intervarsity to Culvers, and then spent the rest of the night destroying our friendships over a game of Phase 10 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. We also talked about Christianity vs other religions and how they worship.


Morrow’s Suite-style Room

On Thursday night, a crew of 7 fantastic residents from all over the building helped me create a new American apartment for Morrow’s House Decorations. Our very own Heidi also contributed props and her acting talent to make our presentation of the decorations a success.

Getting Soaked

On Wednesday Brynna, Ty from Ground and Ellora from 2 west mor-rowed hard while representing Morrow at reverse tug of war. They fought hard, but in the end they went Down with their ship (I mean canoe).


On Sunday I hosted a shirt making event to make American t-shirts for Homecoming! 

There was tie-dye, stencils, fabric paint, and other fun things so that everyone could make a shirt as unique as them. It was so fun, even people who don’t live in Morrow wanted to make one!

Staying Safe

On Tuesday, October 3rd, Rissa and I attended a presentation by Kevan Norin from the CJ department hosted by Hayden of 1 West. 

Some of the topics that Morin talked about was what to do in a active shooter situation, tips for keeping yourself safe in public and at home/in the hall, and some basic first aid tools.



Make sure to get ready for homecoming next week by going to Morrow’s Shirt Making Extravaganza! This event will give you the freedom to make your own Americana apparel to wear for homecoming to rep your hall with pride.