On Thursday Megan and I were lucky enough to chill with each other while doing a fantastic thing, DONATING BLOOD! Together we could save 6 people’s lives!


Pure Elegance


This Wednesday was Valentine’s Day, and besides having an excuse to look cuter than usual, it was also a great day to go plastic skating in the PSC. Danielle even brought Ethan for a romantic date.

And the Answer Is…


On Sunday, Danielle and I were having a rant session and decided we were hungry. After grabbing pasta from Miners, we returned to Morrow and decided to dine in the hallway. This eventually turned into a intense session of trivia when her boyfriend Ethan called and asked us a trivia question, which turned into us creating an account for the site so we could compete as well.

Berry Fun

On Monday the 12th, Wilgus RA Natalie hosted an event in Wilgus where everyone could come and make chocolate covered strawberries for themselves or someone special while enjoying a showing of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  We ran out of berries, so it may have been too much fun.

Ordering In


Today Sarah and I were feeling Chinese, so that’s exactly what we did! It feels nice to order something that is much healthier than pizza, and just having a pause from studying made it so much easier to focus on our work.

Grown in Wisconsin


Last Saturday a group of Austin’s and my residents went to Stand Up Saturday to see Pete Lee. Brynna got excited when she found out Pete is from the Janesville area like her, and overall many laughs ensued.

Some Upcoming Fun


just wanted to provide a small update for you guys of events coming up in the next few weeks.

To start off, on Wednesday and Thursday is a fantastic event called Boxes and Walls, which is experience about the boxes that we put people in and the walls we put up between ourselves and others. This is hosted over in Southwest hall, so grab a meal at stations and stop over.

On Friday there’s the first FNC of the year, February Fiesta, hosted right next door at Porter from 7-9. Make sure to stop buy for free food and games.

Last is Chocolate Covered Strawberry making in Wilgus Hall basement On Monday, February 12th from 7-8:30! We will also be enjoying a movie, so make sure to stop over.