3…2…1… HAPPY NEW YE…crap I’m late

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all don’t drop the ball on having a great year!


Many Parts Make a Whole


I worked away at making you all a lovely parts of the pies that make our wing whole. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and I’m glad you’re all back.

On Saturday Night a group of Morrow Peeps both Current and Veteran, traveling in different groups but coming together in the end, attended the Divas After Dark Drag Show hosted by The Alliance asparto of their Rainbow Rave Conference. Many dolla dolla bills were spent in supporting these wonderful Queens. These lovely people have invested a lot of time, money, and sweat to get to this place, and it really shows in the quality of their performances.

Trick or Treat

With Midterms past, I thought that you all may need a little bit of sweetness to raise your spirits. I also made sure to pile on that the other staff in this building are here for you as well. That was the last pun…kins.


Today Allison and Sydney in 318 won the door decoration contest! Congratulations girls!!!

Also, thank you everyone else for decorating and voting to make this event a success.