On Saturday Night a group of Morrow Peeps both Current and Veteran, traveling in different groups but coming together in the end, attended the Divas After Dark Drag Show hosted by The Alliance asparto of their Rainbow Rave Conference. Many dolla dolla bills were spent in supporting these wonderful Queens. These lovely people have invested a lot of time, money, and sweat to get to this place, and it really shows in the quality of their performances.


Trick or Treat

With Midterms past, I thought that you all may need a little bit of sweetness to raise your spirits. I also made sure to pile on that the other staff in this building are here for you as well. That was the last pun…kins.


Today Allison and Sydney in 318 won the door decoration contest! Congratulations girls!!!

Also, thank you everyone else for decorating and voting to make this event a success.

Don’t Get Dragged Away


On Thursday Pickard Hall hosted their annual FrightFest. I hope you all attended since there’s a lot that goes into it, and you would have been able to see your own RA get dragged off. Still not sure how I escaped. It was also a great way to get your heart racing, I know it mad mine (I’m not used to all that running).

Ay, It’s my Birthday, and I Ain’t Gotta Pick-up the Phone.


On Wednesday, A group of people from all over the hall went to see Happy Death Day together for free since Morrow treats its residents right. One of the themes in the movie is the main character going through a transformation as a person to prevent her murder. In the end, she ends up being in a better place then she was at that start.

This is a model that we should all follow throughout our lives to develop as people… and make sure someone doesn’t have a reason to want to murder us.