Don’t Be Silly, Wrap Your Willy

This post is a bit late in posting, but for April, since its sexual assault awareness month, RAs Todd, Hayden, and I collab-ed to educate the entire building on sexual safety.


Girls Night

Tonight we had the perfect reason to stay out of the rain with a girls night in! Everyone munched on pizza, painted their own custom bulletin board, and watched Girls Trip!

Save the Earth

On Friday UW-Platteville celebrated Earth Day with the annual Earth Day Carnival, so Sarah and I went and answered some trivia questions about plants, animals, and how to help the planet. We also visited Olivia at the trash audit of the waste that comes from the student center.

Crier, and other Miscellaneous Tales

Tonight Dannielle and I ventured to Pickard to get free pizza and learn about some of the professors on campus. Prof. Wonim Son headed an activity about the key to longevity of life, conscientiousness, Prof. Mark Levenstein talked about his favourite marvel universe additions, and Ryan Bray told stories of his time working with juveniles in the justice system.

Sweet Words

With the distressing break after finals upon us, I know some of you guys have needed some words of encouragement to help you get back on track. Have fun on break and let the words of encouragement grow new drive in you!