Ray of Sunshine

Flower 1 Flower 2

Everyone is fantastic on the lovely 3 East, and I know you do things that I’m not always aware of but others are. So I wanted to have something on the wing that you control, and have a say on who should be noticed.

This is our wings little ray of sunshine. If you see it on your door you did something recently that made a person on the wing smile, and they wanted you to know about it. Like the note says please add something to the flower, such as a picture or phrase (keep them appropriate). Also if you see the flower on someone’s door for a while, & you know of someone on the hall who you think should receive this you may move the flower. If we run out of room on the flower please let me know so I can put the flower somewhere on the wing, and get a new one. This is a great way to cheer someone up if they are having a bad day, and it shows that even the littlest things can mean the world to someone else.


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