Comedian K-von

This past Saturday myself and several ladies from 3 East went to the comedian K-von in the crossing of the PSC. We arrived about an hour earlier to get some food, and played a card called Loonacy that I had purchase that day. I also notice several other residents of 3 East in different groups attending the event.

K-von is a relatively new comedian that used various medians throughout his performance. He was first introduced through a video of a skit he did called “Horrible 1st Date.” He then did traditional standup, and ended with a slideshow of various pictures from the internet. I was very impress with the various accents and celebrity impressions he did. It was always cool how he brought his unique background of being half Persian, from his father’s side, into his routine. While talking to residents who attended the event it seems like he has been many people’s favorite comedian on campus this year.


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