During the last hall council the majority of the meeting was spent playing mini-golf. Each wing and hall council was in charge of creating their own course for a total of 9 holes. The picture above is the course Katy B., Emily, Sarah W., Ryan, and I made. All the courses were made within 10 minutes from objects residents brought. It was great to see how intricate some of the courses were by just using a couple of ordinary objects.  We each took turns playing each course, and even ending up getting 2nd place. This event was very successful and enjoyable even if you didn’t considered yourself a pro at mini-golf.

In order to participate in these fantastic activities come by to hall council at 9:15 pm in the cave on Monday nights. The Monday after break, the 28th, hall council will be holding a social during the normal meeting time. Game such as euchre, Mario Kart, and other assortment of card games will be provided.


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