Film Jeopardy

Photo 1

This past Thursday, Morrow Hall hosted film jeopardy with special guest, Professor Gohar Siddiqui. Professor Gohar teaches varies film courses such as Intro to Film, Race and Ethnicity in Film, Gender in Film, etc that double count towards humanities, race, and international studies here on campus. Prof Gohar was born and raise in Indian so her speciality in film is Bollywood, and moved to the states in order to learn more about Hollywood.

The first half this program was to give residents a chance to see if they would like to take a class with this professor, as well as to ask her how her classes are structure and what the work load is like. Prof Gohar also took this opporutnity to ask the residents what kind of films they  like in general, and would like to see in her class. We then played a very intense game of film jeopardy. The various categories were one line summaries, quotes, characters, directors, and genes. We had everyone spilt into three groups, and it was great to see how much movie trivia people knew.


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