Make sure to go to the awesome party Morrow is hosting tomorrow from 1-4!



After volunteering to help me out with bulletin board assembly Thursday night, the early move in musketeers decided it was time for a chill out in the hall. We talked about what was to come during welcome weekend, as well as a flurry of Deadpool jokes.



In order to hold good conversation, you must first first find something to talk about, so why not get to know someone you’ll be living with.

Nod to a Great Year


To start off the year, I decided to pick an iconic figure who is not only retro, but also modern. For this set of door decs I spent a week hand cutting each of the silhouettes, and made quite a few more then I would ever need.

We Girls can do Anything

Since every girl should be able to know how to show off her inner strength, I decided to start out the year with a board on how to be a role model. Some features include Barbie’s slogan, “We girls can do anything”, as well as some facts about the iconic character of Barbie. Rissa, Carrie, and Will also joined me eagerly to help out.

Hall Time

This past Tuesday I ended up having a 2 hour hang out in the hallway with my residents Carrie, Rissa, and Allison for about a half hour while she enjoyed some tea. We also were graced with Will from 4W. After we got bored with sitting around, we went downstairs and tried to play ping pong with folders, and then our hands.