Searching for Luck

Last Friday Kat, her boyfriend, and their friend all went with me on the FNC scavenger hunt. It was great seeking out clues across campus and figuring out the final location early!


Un-stuff the Wing

spring door pub

Hello lovely ladies! Since spring is here, it seems to be time to air out the wing and make some new connections on the wing! At random times for the next few weeks I will be handing out treats to rooms with their door open. If you feel up to it, make sure to open your window as well!


Yesterday I stopped in Dannielle’s room and found a birthday party just starting up. We ended up spending 3 hours watching Malifacent and chatting.

Busy Bees

It looks like there was an invasion last night, and we’re now home to a colony of bees! Be careful so you don’t get stung!

Couple of Old Ladies

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On Friday, Rachal and I walked to Ye Olde Tattoo for a tattoo consultation for my tattoo. Afterwards we walked to Bridgeway to rock our old soul style and play some intense rounds of bingo.*

Hallway Time

On 2/22, I was in the hallway working on a paper because my room was not a productive place for me at 11:30 at night, and Rachel decided to join me while she worked on mending her pants. I was having difficulty getting the flow of ideas to work, so we ended up having a conversation about the documentary “I am Not Your Negro”, which talks about the history of racism in the United States.